23 August 2010

Bougainville Mona Cultural Festival 2010 Upe at Buka

Colin went to the Bougainville Mona Cultural Festival 2010 and shared this video with us (see comment of article below)...Thanks for sharing Colin!

Dancers from the Wakunai area of Central Province feature the Upe hat.

The Upe hat, also featured on the provincial flag, is Bougainville's accepted symbol of manhood.

The Bougainville Peace Agreement between the National Government and the Bougainvillean leaders was a significant event, marking the province moving into an autonomous status from Papua New Guinea.

Young men from the Wakunai area have to live in seclusion in the bush for a number of years and wear the hat which their hair grows into. The hat does not come off until the young men are initiated into manhood in special ceremonies.

Text by Colin Cowell

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