29 June 2010

O-shen - a PNG artists goes steep!

Here is some information on O-shen - a known artist in the Pacific realm. Find one of his music videos at the end of this post...Remember, you are most welcome to comment on our posts...

O-shen's musical career began in the South Pacific nation of PNG. His first album was released into the PNG market in mid 1997. Although the record was only intended to be a demo, it's uniqueness won nationwide recognition and resulted in O-shen's local fame. He was the first PNG artist to rap in the local language and that made a big impact on the island music scene. Widely supported by the public, O-shen became somewhat of a musical ambassador for Papua New Guinea. O-shen's first release was only marketed in PNG and other Melanesian island countries.

In 2000, O-shen broke into the Hawaii music scene with his release, self titled, “Iron Youth". O-shen's blend of reggae, hip-hop, and contemporary sound won the prestige’s 2001 "Na Hoku hanohano" award for Hawaii reggae album of the year. The „Iron Youth" album was a hit throughout many island countries, and helped establish O-shen's music throughout the Pacific.

After some touring in the Pacific O-shen released the album "Rascal in Paradise' which also gained popularity throughout the islands. "Throw away the Gun“ is a song on the album "Rascal in Paradise” which was used in a major motion picture “Fifty first Dates". O-shen's song "Free Island People" was a featured song on the GRAMMY nominated "Island Warriors” compilation. This compilation featured local Hawaiian Reggae artists.

O-shen's album “Kanaka Pacifica" also released in Papua New Guinea and went number one on the local charts and radio stations in PNG. "Kanaka Pacifica” was recorded with the legendary "Supasound Crew". O-shen's next album project titled "Rising Son” was released m 2004, which restablished O-shen with several radio hits such as "Tropically Fine" and "Salt Water Anthem." "Rising Son” showed O-shen's versatility with his music and sent a strong message through his conscious lyrics.

Shortly after the release of "Rising Son," O-shen went back to his roots by returning to PNG to record the multi-language success "Faya"! The "Faya!' Album struck the market by surprise with ifs cultural diversity that colourfully displayed where O-shen is from and what he's all about.

His latest release was by far one of his greatest accomplishments yet especially since he collaborated with some of Reggae's International Greats! These artists include Elephant Man, who is currently signed with VP Records and the well-known Bad Boy Records, Bunny Rugs from the group Third World, and none other than the legendary Don Carlos! Not only does "1 Rebel" feature all these great artists, but it also was produced by up and coming engineer & producer Laka Carpernter and the already well-known and vastly established Brett Forvague. "1 Rebel" has already proved to many that it's a serious contender with some of the best reggae albums in its day.

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