16 June 2010

An authentic story on Madang, PNG

Jessica is an American girl who lives in Papua New Guinea and fell in love with this country. Find out more about Madang and read this article she wrote for us. Thanks for your input, Jessica!

Imagine relaxing on a comfortable wooden chair near a tiny beach at a comfortable resort. Or imagine spending an afternoon snorkeling through an under water world. Picture lounging on a little "dock" in the dark, watching the reflection of lights on the water and gazing up at the Southern cross in a beautiful, unpolluted sky. Sounds perfect, right... See More? You can experience all of these things, and many more in Madang, Papua New Guinea. The trip there will take a long time, and could be quite expensive, but it's so worth it! You'll love Jais Aben Resort  
(www.jaisabenresort.com), where you can stay comfortably in cute air conditioned cabins. See Jais Aben beach on the photo above. It's far out from Madang, but that means that it is less populated and really feels like a vacation. It is worth taking a walk along the shore, looking out to sea. You'll probably see several canoes with nationals carrying fresh produce from home to the market in town and back again. Snorkeling is also a wonderful thing to spend a few hours doing. Papua New Guinea has the best snorkeling in the world, besides the Great Barrier Reef in Australia! If you'd prefer to stay in town, Madang Resort (www.madangresort.com/madang.html) is the best place around. Offering a variety of rooms, some with views over the water (see photo),
others with views of the large salt water pool, and still others with views of beautiful gardens, Madang Resort has something for everyone. You will want to visit the market and used clothing stores located nearby. There are beautiful artifacts for sale in the market, and quality, cheap clothes in the used clothing stores. It is most certainly a worthwhile experience! If you desire a small and far out but gorgeous place to stay or simply spend a day relaxing at, then Malolo Plantation Lodge (http://www.pacificislandtravel.com/png/hotels/mdg_maloloplantation.html) may be the perfect spot for you. Malolo Plantation Lodge sits along the Bismarck Sea, with a gorgeous black sand beach stretching for miles. Virtually empty, it's certainly a great place to spend a lazy afternoon.
Eat lunch at the restaurant, head down to the beach for body surfing, hit the pool for a while, and head back down to the ocean before the afternoon's over. You'll love the warm ocean water and the view of KarKar Island in the distance (see bottom photo). Want to go out for a tasty pizza dinner or still looking for a place to stay? Madang Lodge (www.madanglodge.com/) is located in town, central to the main shopping centers. There is a picturesque
view of the ocean and the gardens are beautifully cared for. Watching the sun set while eating a pleasant dinner outside in the restaurant at Madang Lodge is an experience that you'll never forget! There are so many other awesome things to see and do in Madang, but they would take much too long to describe and there isn't much room left as it is. I'll leave you with this: Madang is a pristine beauty in the Pacific. You'll love everything about it, from the lovely, sandy beaches to the wonderful views to the peaceful atmosphere. Next time you're looking for a place to vacation, why not head to Madang, Papua New Guinea? © 2010. All rights reserved

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