31 May 2010

Waghi Cultural Festival

Our Facebook Fan Siwi shared information on the Waghi Cultural Festival with us...Must be a great show - join it on 12th and 13th June!

Siwi wrote:
The annual cultural festival brings to live the traditional singsing (dance) of Waghi Valley and Jiwaka people of Papua New Guinea. Attendees come as far as near Simbu, Mt Hagen, Enga and even Southern Highlands apart from the foreign tourists participating either as performers or spectators. 

Waghi Valley is often known as the valley in the cloud... See More. The panaromic view of the blue cloud caped mountain ranges of Kubo and Bismack is breathtaking for one who has never been to the tropical highlands of the Pacific. Waghi valley is 60 km wide and 90km long with an elevation of more than 600m from the Serpent Waghi river. Mt Wilhelm (4509m), the highest mountain of Papua New Guinea is towards the east of Bismarck Range while Mt Hagen (1677 m) is to the west. Waterfalls cascade the ranges from both sides and journey onwards to Waghi river.

It is not just an event for a tourist but a real adventurer who wanna self-explore new places and people.

All welcome.

Check photos of previous shows here:


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