18 May 2010

In Papua New Guinea a number of indigenous tribes are still walking or trekking to get from A to B. The rugged and mountainous terrain is marked by endless tracks and a diverse nature. The landscape is just as stunning as the flora and fauna.

The most famous track of Papua New Guinea is the breath taking "Kokoda Trail" which is definitely nothing for people that are out of shape. It takes you through history - from gold mining to WWII. Depending on its condition the track might last as much as 10 or 11 days. Yet also other tracks attract adventurous tourists and locals. In any case, if you feel you need a guide with detailed knowledge just take one along and pay him a good tip.
Another adventure is to tackle the big "Mount Wilhelm" that takes you up to 4,509 meters and if weather permits allows an incredible view over the country.

Have YOU been to Mount Wilhelm or done the "Kokoda Trail"? Tell us about it and write to info@pngtourism.de. Send us some photos as well and we are more than happy to publish YOUR story!

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