30 April 2010

Bird Watching in PNG

"The Bird of Paradise also exhibs some unusual Traits in the wild. In the Bundi area I used to watch the whole bird community change trees at the one time at certain times of the day. You could set you watch by them. Not always advantagous if you are being hunted!"

That is how our Fan Trevor describes his experiences with the Bird of Paradise on our Facebook Page. Our Fan Steven just puts it into a few short but clear words,

"Yep PNG Kick ass. Nice stuff best birds in the world are here."

Anne will definitely never forget her encounter with this astonishing creature:

"Will never forget visiting mendi and eqlking thru the bush there, looked up only to see about 10 of the most beautiful birds I have ever seen!!!"

Our "PNG COMMUNITY" has seen what other can only dream of...

Some might say that bird watching is boring but it comes all down to what you can see. Papua New Guinea is home of over 750 different bird species including parrots, hornbills, and over 40 different species of PNG's emblem the "Bird of Paradise". You better watch out for the Hooded Pitohui because this faller is known to be the only poisonous bird in the world. Besides other you surely want to check out the Tari Gap, Kiunga, Variata National Park, and Baiyer River Sanctuary for bird watching. Combine your passion for birds with a unique scenery and a culture you will find nowhere else.

We found a great video on birds and other mammals on YouTube...Sit back and enjoy the beauty of nature...

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