23 April 2010

Are YOU a passionate diver and seen lots of dive sites around the world? Well, for your next diving holiday you should consider Papua New Guinea as it offers a highly diverse maritime world hardly any other dive destination can compete with. Tired of all the sea urchins that are scattered all over South East Asia? Looking for a holiday that gives you the opportunity to do more than diving? Or do you want to get back in history and explore plane-, ship-, and tank wrecks from the battles against the Japanese in WWII? Well then come to PNG and complete your diving-log!

Papua New Guinea exists of more than 600 islands and 45,000 sq kilometres of coral reefs. PNG is internationally recognised as one of the best diving sites worldwide that offers twice as many maritime species than can be found in the Red Sea/ Egypt. It is PARADISE for divers that like to take photos under water. Come and dive all year round - no matter if you are a rookie, advanced, or professional!

The country is surrounded by the Bismarck-, Coral-, and Solomon Sea and the steady currents feed and bring in the maritime flora and fauna. The underwater world consists of barrier reefs, coral walls, coral gardens, patch reefs, fringing reefs, sea grass beds, coral atolls, and wrecks - not to mention the thousands of species of fish and other animals. And the good thing: Even under the water you have summer because water temperature ranges from 28-32°C.
As for any other dive destination please listen to the diving instructors and do not touch anything under water. It is not only the environment you are protecting but also for your safety. Make this holiday an unforgettable experience you will be telling friends about all life long!

For any questions or assistance, you are welcome to contact us at any time! Have YOU been to PNG diving? Please tell us your story and send some photos to: info@pngtourism.de. We publish YOUR story and everybody in the continously growing "PNG COMMUNITY" will profit!

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